Who are we?

First steps were inspired from some ideas; a deep concentration of the end-users in stone section, establishing a precedure to support customers from start to the end, creating such services to satisfy customers to the highest level and also, considering financial benefits as a supplier of services.

countertop, an attraractive and brand-new subject, motivated us to start up the process but the most important issue to us, was to increase and maintain the satisfaction of the  eager customers.

Today, passing a long and taugh way of experience, and entering new fields of activity that opened the doors of hope, ensured us that the upcoming decade promising success and joy..

Our process

Whether your kitchen is out of date or you are thinking of how to design and build your new kitchen, we are here to help you. Today, kitchens are one of the most important places in the house which you spend a huge amount of time and it's necessary to be careful about the design. All you need is to list the elements you want in your kitchen design, put the rest on our shoulders.

Precise measuring is the most important part of creating your countertops. All sequential steps are affected of this item and if it's not done correctly, you've wasted your time because all the process have to be repeated.
Just consider that precise measuring relies not only on the skill, but also on the circumstances required such as correctly installed cabinets, leveled and plumbed. So, if your cabinets are ready, you can start your process.

Taking advantages of the most modern and specialized machinery for quartz and natural stone processing & Using specialized machinery from famous and well-known companies in this industry, made RODECO known as one of the pioneers in this industry, introduced as one of the best countertop producer companies worldwide which can compete to other rivals obviously and attract costumer's attention easily.

The last but not the least step of your kitchen countertops is installation. Once the chosen countertop materials are fabricated, an installer will schedule a time to install your countertop.

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Our commitment

Our commitment to the quality is our promise. This promise won't be proven but only through exceptional abilities such as using leading brands, professional staff, attention to details and perfect customer service.
Customer satisfaction is the factor derived from quality, we put it on the first level of importance and from initial steps to the final touches we try our best to achieve this goal. So, count on us, we have your back.


Our locations

you can find us in our main offices in Sweden and Doha.