Meet & Agree

the first step in designing your project is to meet and agree on what you need and what our suggestion are. it's very simple, there are a lot of ways to set an appointment like filling "free in home consultation" form, emailing or calling us. 

our first meeting can be at your project or in or office, it doesn't make a difference, but the thing which is essential for you is to be fully aware of your priorities and requirements. we can name the first session as the 'brain storming" session. 

no matter what your decision is, it's better for you to have some picture of your dream target place, but if you do not have, don't worry, we will do that for you! the discussions around your requirements, our needs, your favorite design and our suggestion will be finalized in this session and we start to measure. Measurements are different for different target places such as facade, floor, kitchen, bath or etc. but as it's the first and the most vital steps, it have to be done by experts.

Idea & Concept

while renovating or building a new house, obviously, you will have a lot of ideas and concepts of what your new space have to have and what not to have. these ideas may include some questions about the required budget, how long does it take, where are your acceptable materials and at last, who will do that for you? as an answer, you need to consult a reliable company.
don't forget that you have to plan the process entirely to be completely aware of what you want. just ask some questions from yourself, your answer is with us. 

Design & Create

design and create step is to create a space or a related product based on a specific design. when your inspiration was completely done, a group of people who are experts at this field, will deliver you a customized, fit to purpose design providing all the things were on your mind beforehand.

the flexibility and understanding of our expert team coupled with the companies and brand we work with , will allow any design to be custom made, matching to your requirements


Build & Install

the last step of your order will be fabricating, building and installing of what you ordered us. thanks to the most up-dated equipment and machinery gathered with 10 years of experience and professional staff, we will surprise you by the kind of material and services matching exactly with your idea or concept.
our professional installation team will be at your place on a pre-determined date and start the process of installing. the time taken to install is different from project to project, whether the facade of your home is on our hand or a vanity top. at last, we guarantee that the final project will be exactly what you asked us and your satisfaction, is the most valuable investment we have ever. so, do not hesitate to start the A-Z of your order, we are here to help you fulfill your dream!