If you love using computers & also love drawing and art, then a career in drafting and design allows you to combine these two skills. A drafter use software to convert the designs of architects and engineers into technical drawings and plans. here we are talking about an architectural drafter which draw architectural and structural features of building for construction projects. these workers may specialize in a type of building such as residential or commercial.

what are the main skills that a drafter should have?

1- Critical thinking skills

2- Detail orienting. a drafter most pay close attention to details so that the plans they are helping to build are technicaly accurate to the outlined specifications.

3- interpersonal skills. cause drafters are working closely with architects, engineers and ... this requires the ability to take advice and criticism, as well as to offer it.

4- math skills. drafters need solving mathematical calculations involving angles, weights and costs.

4- Technical skills. computer skills and softwatres such as CAD are the basic requirements of this career

5- Time managing skills. because drafters are always working under strict deadline, to follow the schedules, they have to be great time managers

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