Customer service is the most critical part of our bussiness, so, it's very important to have the right person in this job. the customer service team undoutably is the face of our company and the main point of human contact with our customers. a great customer service is the key to retention, loyalty, bussiness growth and profits. here's where you can find the skills required for this job:

1- Problem-solving skills. a customer service rep's duty is to keep our clients happy, that often includes navigating through a complex set of issues and problems to find a sufficient solution.

2- Clear communication. if you can't communicate clear to a customer, you will have a hard time solving a customer's problem. so, you have to be able to put yourself in the client's shoes and use concise explanations to get to a solution as quick as possible.

3- Product/Service knowledge. an excellent customer service rep. has deep knowlege of our product/services. 

4- Strong time management. To make every multiple customer you are likely to deal with at one time happy, you need to be a great time manager. you have to handle their problems not just like a robot checking them off the list, but precise and exact.

If you have all these, contact us to be our customer service representative.